the market: I am so incredibly passionate about salvaging and rediscovering items that have been forgotten or left behind. I love the stories that often come with the piece. Some are told by the owner and some can only be told by the chipping paint and worn edges. Imagining the life that once surrounded the piece helps me to infuse it once again with the new life  that it deserves. One full of purpose.

I hope that you will soon see that thebarefootmarket isn’t just about buying and selling items for me. I personally put a piece of myself into each and every one. Each item is carefully selected and then restored, refinished or re-purposed. My goal is to not only bring an incredible piece of furniture or decor into your home…but a story. One that you can continue to tell by the life you now surround it with.

the design: Along with the re creation and salvaging of vintage furniture and decor I also carry an incredible passion for interior, exterior, and event design. I love creating unique and inviting spaces whether it be for a home or for a time of celebration. I will be featuring design ideas that I have found while searching for a little inspiration.

the designer: I want to also be able to provide a more personal view of my everyday…as a wife…a mother…and designer.  Whether it be a walk through a day at the market or a little glance at candid moments with my family I want to share it all…because that’s just the way I am…an open book….Well pretty open;)

the nester: Homemaking has become such a huge part of who I am. I have loved having the opportunity to make my home a place that my family can find peace and comfort in. I also love having the opportunity to open up our home to extended family and friends. Although I am far from an expert my hope is that I can share a few tips and tricks of hosting and homemaking that I have learned along the way.

the recipes: Last but not least I have started sharing some of my favorite recipes new and old. Food…good food…has always been important to me. I have a great love for baking in particular which I believe was past down to me from my Grammy! I loved watching her bake and it brings me great joy to have my two little ones underfoot watching as I once did. I hope you enjoy!


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